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Compare on the photos my live drawings with the respective models:
Samples as a quick sketch artist

Schnellzeichner Andreas Otto Videos

During my live videos you always in the front row, so that you get a real feeling.
Videos as as a quick sketch artist

Schnellzeichner Andreas Otto Karikultur

Services, extras, appearance:
read what makes Ottography the most beautiful appreciation:

Ottografie 1st Class

Exclusively branded image
creations can additionally increase the value of the portraits:



Current status of my charity campaign in favor of eye surgeries for blind children of poor countries: € 19.800

looked over the shoulder

small cinema for big clients

Red Carpet Area

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and the message of the host

Schnellzeichner Andreas Otto Produkteinbinung

Topic Integration
transports advertising messages

Incorporate products and themes through a conceptual imprint.
Product and theme integration

Schnellzeichner Karikaturist Andreas Otto Sparda
Ipad-Zeichner Andreas Otto

As a Product Presentation
of a new cloud offering

Customers and visitors experience live how easy it is to load one's digital portrait onto one's PC or smartphone.

Between innovation and live entertainment highlights, nothing fits better than a live digital Artist on the Ipad Pro, Surface Tablet,
Samsung Note or Wacom.

Portraitist Andreas Otto

Drawing without Fee
Charity action opens eyes

Follow Me ...: in München
at DAO at trade fair opti2020


Quick Sketch Artist in Germany

Portrait caricatures are simply fun everywhere where people come together,
to exchange knowhow or celebrate together. As a professional quick-draw artist,
I ensure attention, relaxed conversations and a cheerful mood. At the same time,
the finished drawings are particularly personal give-aways that your customers and
guests will remember for a long time.

Quickness, accuracy and charming, audience-attracting entertainment
quickly attract attention without imposing themselves. My committed and
professional way of working is refreshingly transmitted to my audience and
to my audience and to the overall impression of any professional event.

After 35 professional years, over 290,000 live portraits at 2,000 events across
Germany and Europe, as well as an unic service offer, I guarantee you a professional
order processing, a carefree event and happy guests.

If you like my work, I look forward to your engagement request under  or just give me a call:  +49 160 - 9910 1106


Is it character or characteristics... or is it a portrait of Otto that makes people famous? ...Gallery

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Live Portrait and Caricature with style and passion!

An artistic work performed with empathy and professional craftsmanship,
is one of the most emotionally moments that can be offered at events.
The passion that is shown not only characterizes the high quality and liveliness of the resulting works, but also transfers to the spectators during the creation process and
makes the portrait action to a very close unforgettable live experience.

An observant, intuitive look at the characteristics of the counterpart - already
the first quick strokes flow onto paper almost as if by magic and already reveal
typical features of eyes, nose and mouth. Only the complete head shape
and hairstyle turns the drawing into a perfect portrait. With discreet
set shading I lend the portrait caricature still additional
plasticity and value.

More reserved guests are caricatured more gently and the first "encounter"
of the model with the finished picture charmingly staged, so that the
Live Portrait Action for really every guest is a nice little "happiness maker".

If you like the style as a Live Caricature Artist on Business Events and Weddings
you can hire me easily and I look forward to your inquiry under:
  or just give me a call:  +49 160 - 9910 1106

Yours Andreas Otto

Schnellzeichner Andreas Otto Signatur

Quick Sketch Artist and Caricaturist Andreas Otto near You:

If you are looking for a quick-draw artist and caricaturist for your company party,
wedding or birthday party... Caricaturist... Discover when I am close to you:

or request your event date right away:
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Quick Sketch Artist in Germany, Austria,Switzerland:

Bayern - Augsburg - Aschaffenburg - Ansbach - Aachen - Bad-Hersfeld - Bamberg - Bayreuth
Berlin - Bochum - Bonn - Braunschweig - Bremen - Chemnitz - Crailsheim - Darmstadt
Dortmund - Duisburg - Düsseldorf - Dresden - Eisenach - Erfurt - Essen - Frankfurt - Fulda
 Göttingen - Halle - Hamburg - Hannover - Heidelberg - Heilbronn - Hildesheim - Jena
Ingolstadt - Karlsruhe - Kassel - Koblenz - Köln - Landsberg - Landshut - Leipzig
Lichtenfels - Limburg - Lutherstadt-Wittenberg - Magdeburg - Mainz - Mannheim
Montabaur - München - Nürnberg - Passau - Pforzheim - Rosenheim - Stuttgart
Ulm - Wolfsburg - Würzburg - Wuppertal
Österreich - Oberösterreich - Salzburg - Wien - Innsbruck - Linz
 Schweiz - Basel - Genf - Lugano - Luzern - Zürich

Live performances as Quick Sketch Artist in Germay, Austria and Switzerland

Portrait and caricature from photo

Wedding gift, birthday congratulations, anniversary, farewell,
thanks or award... or other declarations of love :-)

With portraits and caricatures after photo you can surprise your dearest people in a charming way.
way. Just write me the occasion and everything you can think of about the
person, that is, about the characteristics and what he likes, such as food, clothes, hobbies,
visions or a whole story around which the caricature after photo should revolve.

I will then discuss the details with you over the phone, create an individual context for the
individual context of the picture and create the offer in different
from sketch mode in black and white to master mode as a color digital graphic.
 Within the agreed delivery time you will receive the portrait of your choice as a gift of especially personal and lasting value - securely packaged and if desired
ready with frame and passepartout
learn more about

Portrait and Caricature from Photo   Portraitist

Especially for business prospects
Business Cartoon

The Business Cartoon is an individualized cartoon with business-relevant theme integration.
In advance I create a concept with you, which already includes your corporate identity,
products, services and the company's orientation as well as the planned occasions,
such as customer gifts, anniversaries, awards or farewells.

Business Cartoon

Especially my image background and frame concepts allow a stylish
inclusion of corporate design and a wide variety of product-relevant solids,
like textile, plastic, metal, glass, up to stone and concrete. Not only through traditional artistic techniques, but especially modern techniques such as digital art, PopArt,
graffity, lasercutting and thermotransfer, we have the whole range of creative
possibilities to develop your tailor-made corporate edition.
Corporate Edition

Portrait logo for your Person Brand

Your individual personal brand with a stylish portrait logo makes your image
your image unmistakable. A distinctive personal branding is composed of characteristic features that highlight the uniqueness of your competencies, value structure and vision:

Your expertise, story, vision, communication concept, CI design up to the signature.
to the signature - With me you will find a quick start guide, helpful
helpful web links with further tips, ideas and a network of professional consultants,
who will help you with your personal concept in terms of
  personal brand and personal brand until you reach your goal.
   Portrait-Logo    Personal Brand

In my free video on personal profiling, I show you,
what makes a stylish logo and cool signature attractive and compelling.

Team picture cartoon
Whether as a large team poster on canvas or for your team presentation on the Internet -.
A team picture promotes both team spirit and persuasiveness to the outside world.
Let the charisma, presentation and thematic integration of your team picture speak for your professionalism, common professionalism, shared team spirit, values and vision. As a digital
artist, I will create a customized personal team image as a caricature or cartoon for a team website, joint social media presences and print media. ...



A s a professional portrait artist I optimize portrait photos for application,
advertising, profile pictures or for a portrait logo. Using
software and plugins for Photoshop, I retouch your portrait photos
your portrait photos and correct facial shape, lighting and coloring according to your
remove unwanted reflections, skin flaws, object flaws and deep shadows.
deep shadows. In addition, I create photo montages with adjusted
background, hairstyle, outfit, glasses etc.

If you would like to get an overview of portrait tools for yourself,
will find an overview, performance comparison and comparative tests of
Portrait Photoshop plugins. For tips and tutorials on using
professional portrait software Photoshop plugins, I share my experience with you
experiences in free video tutorials.


My wedding services

An individual portrait as a guest gift is a message of particular
personal value. Appreciation with focus on the individuality and speciality of the
 individual person and a relating to the other person is a
 very special quality of advertising material. Using portrait art as a give-away and the interactive
process of its creation as an advertising medium, expresses openness and
interest in the guest as a human being.

A guest gift can hardly be
be more lasting than when the guest receives the portrait as a memento of an entertaining
quick-drawing action and an altogether successful event.
The guest takes home a gift to hang in the office or at home.

Learn more about the art of individual guest gifts here!

Guest Gifts

And especially at weddings, guest favors are a popular idea that give the family celebration
give an unforgettable memory value for all guests.

Guest Gifts for Weddings

A particularly sought-after wedding gift is a wedding portrait with the
both faces of the wedding couple or as a creative wedding caricature
with theme integration and very personal aspects that connect the bridal couple
connect and make the wedding gift unforgettable.

Wedding Portrait and Cartoon

If you want to develop your very own wedding logo for your wedding
I will create an individual wedding logo out of your portrait photos
with optional integration of themes and aspects that connect you.
Be inspired by my range of offers from a wedding logo to
to your very own Couple Brand Design for business cards, common
social media presences and joint projects. A wedding logo is also
a very fancy idea for a wedding gift.

Wedding Logo Service

More creative ideas for wedding gifts I realize according to your
ideas and wishes in my studio. No fancy, funny, original ideas for wedding gifts are too
 ideas for wedding favors are too challenging for me to make the best of them.

Wedding Gift Ideas

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Ottografie Kontakt

Appointment Requests for
Your Event

I will be happy to check the availability of your desired date and provide you with an individual, non-binding offer.
+49 160 - 9910 1106

As Ipad Artist live on Events
to the opening SATURNconnect


"Andreas has been at the Opti2020 with us on the booth and has drawn
3 days in a crazy speed - about 200 pictures. He infected everyone with his great mood and energy.
The pictures are just unbelievably good and apt. We at DAO can recommend Andreas Otto without reservation."
...more Testimonials

Testimonial of the Month


At this point I would like to thank all participants who have given me their permission to publish the pictures. Should you change your mind, please give me a short message with any picture of you. So I can take out the picture. Email

At the biggest optician fair from
10-13.01.20 there are not only the crassest glasses, but also the coolest character heads to draw. more live performances!

Schnellzeichner Karikaturist Andreas Otto